Wanna Win a Cool Bike?

Are you a big fan of bikes? We are happy to announce that we are offering a bike as the grand gift for our lottery competition. The lottery will not take an extended period. Start early, start now, the earlier, the better. To play, comply with the following general rules lottery:

  • The lottery ticket is the bearer instrument. Receipts and play cards are not accepted
  • All the transactions are rules and regulations of the state the gaming commission
  • The player and purchaser of tickets is responsible for whatever that appears on tickets
  • No cancellation will be allowed on any ticket after play
  • The gaming commission withholds tax as per the state’s taxation requirements and obligations.
  • To purchase tickets one must be 18 years+ to buy tickets.

The amount you can buy-in

Having more money for the purchase of tickets does not guarantee wins. Whatever numbers you select, to appear on the ticket is all that better. The better the combination, the higher the chances of winning the bonus or the grand prize, a bike.

How to play

  • Register online or offline vide our pages or registration cards. Submit registration by clicking submit or take to our offices.
  • Select the lottery you to play. Could be the jackpot, which leads to the mega prize, i.e., the bike.
  • Select lottery numbers, could be your numbers or do a quick pick by pressing the auto pick button and even select the date for the numbers to be run in the case we have set timelines or winning stages.
  • Add lottery numbers to cart and play
  • Check out to pay and keep ticket safely

You will get a winning notification via email and location to pick your prize.

Who can pick tickets for you?

There are days you will do your plays through someone.  Document the person doing the playing for you at our lottery centers. The person needs to carry proof of registration ad copy of your identity.

Information we require about you

  • Document how you would wish to receive winnings. Have it in writing and forwarded to our lottery email.
  • Always provide details and copies of winning from the gaming IDs or ticket reference number. Make an extra copy of the tickets and submit on picking the prize. This allows for secure handover of gifts.

We will keep your names out of public records if need be. This is as stated in our claims section. Winning with us gives you the chance to secure a new bike. A unique opportunity to have fun. A bicycle is a good friend. A fight for one is fun. This lottery is giving you a chance to own one with less hassle. If you are 18+ visit our website or us, read the instructions, understand the game and its rules, register and accept terms and conditions,  get verification, choose a lottery, choose the lottery numbers, play, checkout with payment and keep the ticket safely.

All rights and regulations reserved. Terms and Conditions apply.

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